2017 Top 10 New Year’s Worthy Resolution

Good day friends, 2017 is just knocking on the doors and it is the right time to think and plan about it. As far as I can remember each year I had my New Year resolutions, I believe same hold true for you also. These resolutions keeps on changing with time and priorities.

2017 - Resolution
2017 – Resolution

How many times I have successfully achieved even 50% of the number of resolution, I will say quite a few, same holds true for most of us Right? It is very easy to make a resolution but very tough to maintain.

In the last few years I have been getting bit better in achieving them but this time my personal target is to achieve 100% without even a single miss.

Let me put these resolution under two heads. The resolutions are quiet self-explanatory

  1. Most important and worthy Resolution everyone shall keep 1
  2. My 2017 Year Resolutions
2017 - Resolutions
2017 – Resolutions

10 most important and worthy New Year resolutions

  1. Do Pooling more often – Car/bike/public transport system anything
  2. Say no to Plastic and Keep your country clean by whatever way you can
  3. Quit Smoking
  4. Walk/Run more
  5. Serve the society give it back
  6. 9 hours to be spend in a job and Spend more time with family
  7. Sleep for 8 hours daily
  8. Drink Alcohol once in three months
  9. Plan 2 vacation trips
  10. Save More Money

One more can be do not give or take bribe, say #NoToBribe.

My 2017 New Year Resolutions

  1. Quit Smoking – I have been smoking regularly for around 7-8 years but quitted it long time back around 3+ years. Every year I keep this as a new year resolution as you never quit smoking you just stay away from it. I am planning to write how I quitted smoking in another series.Quit Smoking
  1. 5 KM running 5 days a week -I was quiet active in the beginning of the year till June 2016 then actually lost the motivation. Now I am bouncing back with some. I am targeting to run 1200+ KM in 2017
  2. 9 hours to be spend in a job and Spend more time with family – This is more important for me, I am planning to keep it simple let me work as per my official timing no extra work, believe me it’s not worth it
  3. Sleep for 8 hours daily
  4. Daily blog visitors to 1000+ by Dec 2017 – This is actually quiet important as I have recently started blogging and want the audience to grow by 5 times till next year end Let’s see how it goes
  5. Say no to Plastic and Keep your country clean by whatever way you can
  6. Drink Alcohol once a quarter
  7. 2 vacation trips one to Kerala and other to Darjeeling.
  8. Less Unplanned Leaves
  9. Volunteer for kids’ education/Help or enable at least 10 needy

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