Book Review 2017 – The Monsoon Murder

Book Review 2017

Good Day Friends, Today I’ll be sharing my first review of the  book which I have read in 2017. This is in line with the target which I have set at the beginning of year to read 12 books in 2017.The first book which I have read is The Monsoon Murder by Karan Parmanandka. This book I have read in my last family vacation of 5 days experience of which I will share in separate blog.

Book The Monsoon Murders
Book The Monsoon Murders

It is the first book by Karan but the book does not convey the same. He looks like a seasoned author.This fiction novel is a thriller. The plot of the story is actually very nice and interesting. Believe me once I started reading it, I was yearning to complete it so as to know what the end looks like.

The story starts with the crime scene set somewhere in Mumbai where one person named Arun gets killed during early hours of the morning in an apartment. Arun lived with his younger sister who do not talk much with him and vice-versa. She stays in a separate room. When the murder happened She was in her room only but not in her senses.

Police as well as a private detective are investigating the scene trying to find the culprit. The private detective belongs to the Arun’s company. The story reveals many hidden truths and complex relationships among the people. It surely is a thrilling ride to find who actually commit the murder and why he committed it?

Karan actually keeps us guessing till the end about who got killed and why. I expect a movie on the same coming up soon. The language used by the author is very simple and any can understand it.

Overall Review

Verdict: #OneTimeRead, Light and Enjoyable!
Good Reads rating:3.6
Number of Pages:200

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