Book Review 2017 – A Murder in Gurgaon

Book Review 2017

Good Day Friends, I am back with my second book review of 2017. I have bought two thrillers The Monsoon Murder by Karan Parmanandka and A Murder in Gurgaon by Manish Dubey. Slowly somehow my interest in murder mysteries and suspense thrillers have started to develop.

Book Review - A Murder in Gurgaon
Book Review – A Murder in Gurgaon

I started reading A Murder in Gurgaon by Manish Dubey debut novel on Saturday night and completed by Sunday evening. The novel does not feel like written by first time writer. It is actually an interesting story but quite different from my previous read The Monsoon Murder by Karan Parmanandka whose review is documented here.  I can see now how different authors have different approach towards writing:)

Overall the story of the novel is fast pace and the chapters are crisp and short. At regular interval the summary of points related to case development makes the story line realistic but at times it also makes you feel you are reading a school book. The quality of the book and number of pages is decent enough.

The theme of the novel is set up in Gurgaon as the name suggests. The story of the novel reveals around Two cases, one of a Man getting murdered and a women goes missing are reported at same police station. The guy who has been murdered is just 32 year old son of a retired police officer who is determined to find the culprit. The missing women has a mysterious and troublesome past.

The police inspector Mr Singh resolve both cases especially with support from the retired cop and his Guru. The storyline of the novel is interesting and makes you read till the end.

Book Review Summary

Verdict: One time easy read.
What worked:Interesting murder plot and the way the dots connect back
What can be better: Feeling of a school book
My Rating (0-5):3.5
Good Reads rating:3.8
Number of Pages:180-190

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