Become Santa for the Needy this Christmas

Good day friends, I wanted to share with everyone the idea which strike me yesterday while writing my walking experience related to Christmas personally have never celebrated Christmas, I also don’t celebrate other festivals also. This doesn’t make me atheist please keep that in mind. I very much believe in the Real One:)

Lets Celebrate Christmas in different Style

It’s after I become a parent with God’s blessing, we celebrated it every year with a visit to Church in Chandigarh.  We have been regularly going for last 3 years I believe and experience always is awesome. Since now our kid is 4 year old, this time we are thinking of giving him actually the presents. He keeps asking us what Santa will gift me.  So me and my wife have started this hunt to search for some good Christmas gifts for him, will write the details about the chosen one in another blog.

Christmas – Become Santa for Needy

The idea which strike me as follow, every kid in this world wants Santa to visit him and give Gifts. We started thinking about those beautiful, full of energy, smiling and innocent children who actually does not see the Santa. All they see children’s going around in cars, smiling playing etc. I believe every child is special and all shall be made feel special this day.


We have decided then to have this Christmas celebrate with them also.  We are still thinking about how can we make them happy? What will they like and what shall we gift them so that they at least use for some time and for becoming a better person. We have still not decided it but I can think of few things I am thinking of gifting them combination of chocolates, fruits, books and a small toy. I will discuss with my better half to come up with what we are going to give.

Become the Santa for the Needy

The intent of writing it here is not to Show Off, but actually to trigger the mind of everyone to think in this direction if not done so. I am expecting at least 10 more people to come forward and become the Santa for the needy kids.

Don’t know how much impact it will have on anyone. Even if it had on one my purpose is solved. I will blog about how it went in coming blogs. Keep watching.

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