Welcome to our Technology Enthusiast Podcast. A podcast where we discuss technology, talk to inspiring community heroes, learn new things and improve with each step forward

Season 0 Episode 1

Welcome to Episode 1 of our podcast. We have with us our SAP Community Contributor/Hero Vijay Sharma He is pretty active in our SAP Community and regularly share his viewpoints via Posts, Q&A etc.  Because of his contribution in area of SAP iRPA he has been invited to DKMO 2021:). Listen to the podcast to know what inspire Vijay, his expectations from SAP TechEd, what are his plans for 2021 and advice for our new members.

Season 0 Episode 0

Our new Technology Enthusiast Podcast/Videocast. This is episode 0 as an introduction and purpose of it. The purpose is as follow Technology SAP, Non SAP Community Unsung Heroes Motivation Fitness Inspiration Leadership

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