Mission Run 1000+ KM in 365 days – 5/1000 KM Done

Mission Run 1000+ KM

New Year New Mission Run 1000+ KM. Friend finally in I have decided to document my journey of running 1000+ km in next 365 days. The intent of writing this will serve many purposes

  • One to keep myself motivated to finish it
  • Second to document my observations related to general issues, hopefully with some solution being implemented.
  • Thirdly to motivate group of like minded people to start running, stay fit and help our country.

Other unknown benefits which we will realize while we continue this journey. So I have already started this mission of 1000+ KM on  26th December 2016. Let me document my experience here.  These 1000+ KM will be only about running no walking.

Mission Run 1000 KM
Mission Run 1000 KM

Most of the time this running will happen early on the in morning. I love to run early morning as we don’t have traffic plus all pure air. I will be running on an average 5KM daily which I believe will eventually reach 10 KM soon.

Trust me running early morning makes the whole day full of energy. In addition I am trying to reduce my intake of refined sugar to zero and climb stairs then to use lift. The moment you start thinking about anything positive, all of sudden this whole world start behaving positively. Love it:).

So normally I like to run in the open and then go to Park for doing the exercise.  But today I decided to run in the park. This is the same park where I have completed my 30 days of Walking series earlier

Poor Parking Sense

This is the first strong observation I had on my first day of run. After running I got ready and reached my office after dropping my kid. I have decided to park my car at least 1.5 KM away from office so that I can also walk more.

Parking Mess
Parking Mess

The moment you reach this parking place the first dejection hits me. I see car being parked in lanes meant for two wheelers. Don’t trust me look at the pictures and video they speak for themselves. Come on man I believe most of the people who have parked car like these must be at least graduate. These so called educated people don’t even follow the basic things. God help them. What is more irritating is you see this Police Van standing but with no action.

Ideally the people should be issued a ticket for wrong parking. I hope someday police and people both understand the importance of these parking lines.

Sense of Driving.

This is a very generic observation which I had about people. Why I am discussing it here is because when I was returning back from running around 7:00 AM, I see this stupid car driver trying to overtake in street the other car at such a high speed. I don’t know why everyone wants to overtake the other, can we just stay in line and wait for our turn.

People of my country typically like to always find short cuts to get ahead of others, does not matter whether we are following the rules or not. No one wants to wait. The moment you see this light turns green at traffic lights people start honking.  I am like guys no one is here to stand on road. It’s been around 1.5 years my Horn does not work neither I get it corrected.

Two important thing which we can do in resolving this issue is to first follow basic traffic rules and stop using horn.

I will be back with my new experience of next 5/10  KM run soon.

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