Is being called an ABAPer disrespectful..?

The trigger for writing this post is actually comes from one of the post from my friend Prabhjot. I thought of penning down my response as a post, as my reply seemed long and emotional😜


Original Post

My Initial Reaction

The initial reaction from me was A big NO being called an ABAPer does not feel demeaning or disrespectful to me. I have always lived by this mantra “Once an ABAPer always an ABAPer”

Then I thought of reading through the comments and see what is the viewpoints coming, read on

What the feedback on the post say?

  • The majority of the viewpoint was shocking that ABAPer’s themselves feel the same way. 

It’s surprising. We should be proud of who we are. Calling us by ABAPer/Developer/Consultant won’t make a difference its our knowledge which will. 

  • The second viewpoint which came was we have lost our value in the economy market, owing to lot of expectations from ABAPer’s such as taking care of new UI Technologies as well as Backend etc.

I personally think otherwise because of evolution of SAP we as ABAPer’s have actually learnt so many new things about other technologies. We are more relevant and valuable to both SAP and Non SAP ecosystem. We can participate in many communities, help developers like us, learn from them etc… SAP evolving its stack is just awesome.

Then I thought as my vocabulary has always been bad in school and college, let me search when do we add an ‘er’ to anything and that made things more clear and meaningful!

What the dictionary says?


ER usage

So we add ‘er’ to symbolize a person or thing that does something

  • Farmer
  • Builder
  • Sweeper

Do they sound disrespectful A BIG NO NOT AT ALL. We code in ABAP that is why we are ABAPer’s I hope it instills confidence in all ABAPer’s who felt demeaned or disrespectful!

Wrapping it up with what is more important than the designation or being called something?

So ending this post with what shall matter to each and every one of us which is more important then the title is

  • Always be a Learner as DJ Adams always teach and inspire us to be
  • Don’t keep the knowledge with you, share it with the community. Knowledge is one of the the few things which when divided gets multiplied!
  • Being respectful to each and every one
  • Being Empathetic
  • Being Honest

What do you think?

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