Why Coding Shivaay created?

Okay so finally my long dream Coding Shivaay coming true, it feels good.  I always wanted to write since i was 16 year old. My English is very poor and compliment it with my poor fluency. I scored only 51 marks out of 100 class 10th and 63 in class 12th. But still the zeal to write was always their. I tried two-three times in the past but failed miserably as i was always spending so much time in thinking about what shall i write.

Finally i have thought about it and decided that if i have let my heart out, then will write about anything to everything.  Idea is simply to share my past experience, suffering, happiness, life lessons etc. In Parallel with blog another thing which always existed was to have my own company and be my own manager. So this site will serve two purpose one to share my experience and another to achieve my dream of having my own company.

Overall via this company we would like to develop products which are for social cause primarily and commercial one will be for my survival. Aim is to make sure Coding Shivaay act as a platform where people share and learn from real life experirences and in some way get their voice heard. Don’t know how at this time but slowly things will take much better shape

Coming to why name being chosen as Coding Shivaay, simple I am coder by heart and Lord Shiva follower. That is why CodingShivaay:) 

God bless everyone..God Speed.